Board of Directors' Application/Nomination


A strong Board of Directors is necessary for the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerces Serving Margate, and Lighthouse to continue developing the essential support, resources, and connections to encourage meaningful dialogue on issues affecting the business community of the region.

Since the Board seeks to serve the business community at large, diversity is essential. Our board is a geographically, ethnically, and professionally diverse governing body. Our directors' active involvement within the community is vital to the success of our organization; bringing energy, access, and insight to the work of the Chamber.

The board is comprised of business and community leaders who are interested in making significant contributions to the Chamber through their counsel and are responsible for the financial integrity of the organization while articulating the Chamber’s philosophies and establishing policy.

Service on the Board of Directors requires commitment, dedication, and willingness to devote time, expertise, and resources, In partnership with the Chamber’s team, the board helps to focus, direct and extend the Chamber’s work throughout the region.

To be a director, an individual must be an active Chamber member in good standing. Additionally, directors are required to:

• Attend and be prepared for meetings
• Regularly attend monthly membership events
• Serve actively on one Chamber council/committee/program
• Proactively assist in identifying and recruiting new members
• Financially support the Chamber through a "Give or Get" contribution
• Enlist the aid of legislators and the general population in support of Board goals
• Debate and act on board policies and priorities
• Expound and promote the work of the Chamber to the public at large

Your information will remain confidential and will only be used for communication purposes and consideration to serve on the Board of Directors. The Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce Serving Margate and Lighthouse Point will not share any information provided with third parties.
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